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Hidden (2023)

Anima Mineralis (2022)

Fables of the Mind (2020)

In this series of collages I combined the literary genre of the fable with aspects of the human psyche, in order to comment on the human condition. 

I drew on my experience as a children’s book illustrator to employ animal imagery with particular themes of fears and fantasies for this body of work.  For me, animals reflect the fragility of the human psyche. My work often touches on the psychological aspects of being human, and reflect on the key events and characteristics which form the core of human existence. 

The process of creating both the collages was one of spontaneity, an attempt to discover and access subconscious thoughts and connections. I began with a square format which was saturated with ink, water and salt.  The resultant imagery became backdrops which, in turn, informed the selection of bird heads and fragments of clothing that seemed to correspond to underlying tones. 

These backgrounds of chance and chaos become theatres in which human drama of interaction and the creation of meaning unfold.  For me, these theatres reflect the dark corners of our minds where our fears are posed against our fantasies. 

Process Images

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