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Latest work

Impressionist Landscapes

A rare, magical moment of solitude and introspection turned these pressed glass windows (found by chance on the cold and impersonal stairwell of some inner city government building) into framed Impressionist paintings. 

A Glass Darkly

In these works I rendered cropped, close-up views of ordinary architectural spaces in oil paint, translating photorealistic precision into rippling geometric abstractions. These everyday details vary from the embossed glass windows of mid-century buildings to abstracted architectural details of rural churches. My paintings emphasize reflected light and the transformative effect it has on everyday scenes. The works allude to psychologically laden aspects of the human condition and, through an intimate and intense focus on interior details, the viewer is transported to a psychological space of surreal alchemy. In these paintings, the pressed glass of the church serves to obscure rather than to reveal. Church interiors become spaces to pause in, to absorb and reflect on the beauty hiding in the seemingly trivial architectural details of venerated spaces.

Blue Interiors


Green Kitchen